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About Me

Namaste there!


I'm Deepak Bardhan, just another camera goof who loves people and capturing emotions. Apart from solely focusing on wedding and lifestyle photography I take pictures of my work in creating visual illustrations and designs. My idea of being connected with people is by taking photo/videos for the sake of fellowship! (If you like 'The Office' we should get along just fine!)


I was trained to become a missionary so I'm used to blending into various work fields. Say it be, from scrubbing toilet seats to doing projects for well-known institutions and companies. I can be a hard head sometimes but I'm easy to talk to. I'm learning and practicing every day into devoting my life, to spread the love of humanity cross the nations. 

If you want to find out more details regarding any of my work on this site. Do not hesitate to approach me.



Contact Me

255 Grapevine Road

Wenham MA


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